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Los hashtags  #skinpositivity y #acnepositivity desde hace unas semanas se han popularizado en las redes sociales. ¿La razón? Una campaña que busca sensibilizar a los adolescentes y jóvenes a elevar su autoestima, al amor propio y aceptar sus “defectos” poniendo un alto a las críticas crueles que se hacen en el ciberespacio.

Un cutis lozano como muestran las celebridades es un estándar bastante elevado para el común, pues aunque muchos saben que las fotos que se suben a las redes o se muestran en anuncios publicitarios tienen filtros o maquillaje que ocultan imperfecciones, se exige lo mismo si se desea exhibirse en Facebook o Instagram.

Encajar en los estereotipos es la norma, sobre todo en las chicas, y una muestra de ello son los cientos de tutoriales sobre maquillaje que circulan en las redes.

En muchos se enseña como ocultar el acné o cicatrices con trucos en los que se aplican toneladas de bases y correctores. El resultado suele ser sorprendente y es entonces cuando se ven comentarios que califican a las protagonistas como un fraude.

Love this post! (Goodnight lovelies!) #Repost @mypaleskinblog with @get_repost ・・・ “What happened to her skin 🧐?“ “what’s wrong with her face 🤯?” —— Well 💁🏼‍♀️, I just cleansed, exfoliated, used a bucket load of serum and drenched my face in moisturiser 🧖🏼‍♀️. My skin is happy AF 👌🏻 right now. —— And since you asked, I have one eyelid which is 3mm more hooded than the other. A 1.2cm scar on my forehead. My left brow has a slight bald patch, the sides of my nose make it difficult to find sunglasses sometimes and my lips have a sharp Cupid’s bow. — What’s wrong with yours 🤨…? Cos if you would like me to return the favour 🤓 and slide over to your profile, as you did to mine 😏 in an attempt to publicly shame by scrutinising my face 💁🏼‍♀️ you’ve only got to ask… 🌚🤟🏻 #ifyouwouldntlikeitdontdoit —— #mypaleskinblog #skinpositivity

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Si muestran su acné, un padecimiento común, les dejan mensajes hirientes y si lo cubren, también hay insultos. Una doble moral muy peligrosa.

Con las etiquetas #acnepositivity y #skinpositivity se busca protestar de forma pacífica contra esta situación, señalan quienes se han sumado a la causa. La acogida y seguidores sigue en ascenso.

I wanna talk about #skinpositivity for a sec. My entire life, I have struggled with acne. It fluctuates in its severity, and some may say it isn’t so bad by looking as this photo (idc, it hurts). Recently, I was diagnosed with rosacea which would help explain the little bumps I have around my cheeks. I decided to finally get prescription for my akin because it is something that had bothered me my entire life. I decided in prescription because the cysts that form under my skin hurt so much that I don’t even like smiling sometimes. 👏DO NOT BE ASHAMED OF TAKING MEDICINE FOR YOUR SKIN.👏 it does not make you any more or any less of a person for doing so. you can still be akin positive if you treat your acne/other skin diagnoses. You can still love your skin while treating it. You can wear make up if you want to or not. You can advocate for skin positivity. Like other things we take medicine for, your skin is no different. Treat it how you see fit and never feel the need to explain that to anyone. May 2018 be the year we all embrace ourselves for who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. May skin positivity become more widespread, and the stigma that is attached to acne and other skin diagnoses be smashed. ✊🏼🤘🏼 #skinpositivity #boporesolutions #bodypositive #mybodystory #dothehotpants #skincare #stoptheskinstigma #loveyourself #selflove #selfworth #happiness #truth #wellness #bopo #effyourbeautystandards #ownyourraw #feminism #value #selfworth #selfvalue #everybodyissomebody

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No one is perfect – Left is me as a teenager. I struggled with acne for many years as a young girl, not only was it isolated to just my face but it affected my chest and back. This severely affected my self esteem and I had to stop modelling as a result. I’m posting this to hopefully help those out there suffering with acne or anyone worrying about the way they look because when I was young I wish someone would have told me that your looks don’t define you and even the “models” you see on advertisements aren’t perfect. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ For anyone wondering – I cured my acne with Roaccutane, many years ago, it was really harsh on my body but it was the only thing that worked, also anyone wondering about scarring – I’m really lucky I never scared ❤️ (got to thank mum for stopping me from picking)

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#skinpositivity #acnepositive

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